Core Disciplines

 ∙ Prayerful Presence ∙
∙ Prayerful Attentiveness ∙
∙ Authenticity ∙ 

As JourneyMates, we nurture silence. We trust God's presence and work in our individual and corporate lives. We honor each other's unique experiences with God and claim differences among us as invitations to celebrate and grow. We are willing to wait, willing to risk, and we welcome the group facilitators and leaders while sharing the responsibility for the spiritual life of the group. 

We keep confidentiality, honor our commitment to gather together, reflect individually and with each other, join each other in prayer, pray for other JourneyMates between gatherings, and give honest reflection and evaluation to our leadership. Most of all, we nurture our own relationships with God. 

For an extrovert with nervous habits, the discipline of taking three hours a month at JourneyMates to focus solely on the Lord, with guidance, has enhanced my spiritual growth.
— Gerald, a real estate agent