Throughout each ministry year, JourneyMates hosts guided Soul Care Retreats. Called JM Mornings Apart and JM Days Apart our retreats are open to anyone yearning for dedicated time and space to simply be with God through silence, solitude, contemplative reflection and prayerful scripture reading. JourneyMates also offers guided Soul Care Retreats specifically for Men called JM2 Mornings Apart.

JourneyMates Retreats are facilitated by trained JourneyMates Facilitators and take place in private homes, churches and other contemplative settings. The 2020-2021 ministry year JourneyMates Retreats are listed below.

JourneyMates also facilitates Soul Care and Discernment Retreats for boards, leadership teams and volunteer groups of local churches, non-profit ministries, and Christian schools. For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Mary Vandel Young at

JourneyMates and JM2 Retreats


The following is a list of our events for the 2020-2021 season. 

JM2 Men’s October Morning Apart- October 17, 2020

JM Morning Apart- October 22, 2020

JM Morning Apart- November 18, 2020

JM Advent Morning Apart- December 12, 2020

JM Morning Apart- January 21, 2021

JM Lenten Morning Apart- February 26, 2021

JM2 Men’s February Morning Apart- February 27, 2021

JM Lenten Day Apart- March 20, 2021

JM2 Men’s April Morning Apart- April 23, 2021

JM Morning Apart- April 29, 2021